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Astrid Menks Biography Age, Facts, Family life and Warren Buffett wife

Astrid Menks is the second wife of American Billionaire, Warren Buffett and a businesswoman from America. She rose to fame after her name got engaged to American Philanthropist and businessman, Warren Buffet. They married after the demise of his first wife, Susan Thompson. Let’s have a look at the biography of Astrid Menks. 

Astrid Menks Bio

Astrid Menks was born in 1946 in Latvia and the exact date of birth is not revealed by her. She is currently residing in the United States of  America with her husband, Warren Buffett. Her nationality is Latvian. She is of mixed ethnicity and is married to one of the richest people in the world, Warren Buffett. She married Buffett when she was in her 76th year of age. Her Zodiac sign is Aquarius. 

Physical Appearance of Astrid Menks

Astrid Menks looks quite fit, her height is around 5ft 6 inches ( 167 cm) and she weighs around 56 kg. Menks has brown coloured beautiful eyes and blonde coloured hair. She can be often seen in the media with her husband, Warren Buffett. 

Astrid Family details

Coming to their family background of Astrid, There is no particular information available on her parents’ siblings, and grandparents. She kept most of the information about her family private. She is married to Warren Buffett, after being together with him for nearly 30 years. Astrid doesn’t have any biological child, however, she is the mother to three step-children,  Susan Alice Buffett, Peter Buffett, and Howard Graham Buffett. They are the biological children of Warren Buffet and her first wife, Susan Thompson. Details about the other family members of Astrid Menks are non-public. 

Education details

No exact information about her educational details such as her area of study, higher qualifications, or anything about the institution she has studied in, is known. Hence most of the information about Astrid is private, we can predict that she wants to live her life privately and doesn’t want to reveal more about herself socially. 

Professional Career

Very less details about her professional career are known. She worked in “ The French Café Cocktail Bar”, located in i.e., Omaha, Nebraska, United States Of America as a Waitress. There, the first wife of Warren Buffett, Susan Buffett also worked as a night singer. Astrid Menks starts taking care of Warren Buffett after his first wife, Susan asks the café gals to take care of her husband. Astrid agrees on the same and started delivering homemade soup to Buffett. 

Currently, she is living with Warren Buffett after she moved in with him a year later of meeting him.

Talking about her husband, Warren Buffett is an American Philanthropist, Investor, and the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of  Berkshire Hathaway. He is among the richest person in the world with a net worth of more than $108 Billion.  

Astrid Menks Married Life

She married Warren Buffett on 30 August 2006, when she was 60 years old and Warren Buffett was 76 years old. She lived with him for nearly 30- 35 years before marrying him. Astrid is the second wife of Warren Buffett. Susan Thompson, the first spouse of Warren Buffett died in 2004. When in 1977, Susan relocated to San Francisco to pursue her career, and she starts living separately from her husband. They were not divorced at the time. She started working as a night dancer in the same club where Astrid was working as the Waitress. There she has a desire that someone who can look after her husband, as Buffett also wanted the same. Although, he never divorced Susan and stayed in an extra-marital affair with Astrid Menks after Astrid became part of their life and the decision was mutual between Warren, Susan, and Astrid. Astrid becomes the perfect companion for the same. There she started living with Buffett after some time. Astrid and Susan decided to be friends. After Susan died in 2004, they stayed for some more time dating each other unmarried, after finally getting married in 2006. 

Astrid Awards and achievements

Currently, We don’t have any history of awards and achievement got by Astrid Menks in her professional career. 

Astrid Social Media

Currently, Astrid Menks is not active on Social media as she never revealed her social media account to the public. 

Astrid Menks Net Worth

The exact net worth of Astrid Menks is not known and much of her professional career details are also non-public. However, Warren Buffett has a massive net worth of more than $120 Billion. Astrid lives a luxurious life with her husband in America.  


Astrid Menks stayed in a relationship with Warren Buffett for around three decades after marrying him. She has a luxurious lifestyle. She lives a private life which can be assumed as she kept most of the information regarding her are kept private. 


1. How many children does Astrid Menks have?

Ans– Astrid Menks has three step Children who are Susan Alice Buffett, Peter Buffett, and Howard Graham Buffett. She doesn’t have any biological children.

2. When did Astrid Menks marry Warren Buffett?

Ans– Warren Buffett married Astrid Menks on 30 August 2006.

4. Who is the first wife of Warren Buffett?

Ans– Warren Buffet’s first wife’s name is Susan Thompson.

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