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SD Movies Point 2022 – Free HD Movies Download

Sd Movies Point is a movie piracy website that downloads pirated and leaked movies. This website is quite popular among people to download pirated movies for free in high quality and resolutions. Let’s have a look at this movie piracy website in detail. 

About SD Movies Point 2022

SD Movies Point 2022 website is primarily made for downloading copied and pirated movies for free and is being used in many geographies. This website allows you to download the latest released movies in high quality without paying anything for them.SD Movies supports High definition and standard quality outputs to download the movie and web series. Though it is not legal in many countries including India to use someone’s other work without permission. SD Movies Point is illegal as it supports piracy. We do not support any such website and this review is for knowledge purposes.

Not only limited to Bollywood Movies, but this piracy website also allows different types of movies such as Hollywood, Punjabi, Pakistani and others to be downloaded for free. It has all the latest released movies of different domains and the interface is so user-friendly and easy to understand. Along with that, it also allows you to download dual audio movies to your device. 

Features of SD Movies Point 2022

SD Movies Point is a movie piracy website that contains numerous features. Some of them are given below.

  • It provides movies in different languages such as Hindi, English, Punjabi, etc for free to download and watch. 
  • The downloaded movies are available in High Definition and quality. Along with that, these movies are easy to download.
  • Hollywood and Pakistani movies are also available to download using this website.
  • The user interface of this website is very convenient to use and you can find movies by year or by genre just by clicking on it. 

Some famous movies pirated by this website

Here are  Some movies and web series that are copied and available for download from this website. 

  • Pushpa
  • The Kashmir files
  • RRR
  • Bhediya
  • Girls Hostel 3.0
  • Radhe Shyam
  • Yashoda
  • Sher shah

Multiple latest released movies and web series pirated versions can be easily downloaded from this website and that’s for free. 

Alternatives of Sd Movies Point Website

SD Movie Point is not the only movie and web series piracy website available in the market. Though this website promotes illegal activities such as Piracy and copyright infringement, There are numerous alternatives available for this website in the market. Some of those are given below:






Other domain names associated with this website

This website called SD Movies Point has been taken down numerous times as it promotes several illegal activities. So there are multiple domain names attached to this website. Other domain names for this website are given below:

  • Sdmoviespoint Lite
  • SDmovies Point Latest

 Along with the domain names, several other servers are also there that can be used in case the original server is down or taken down. These include Sdmoviespoint.vip, Sdmoviespoint.viz, Sdmoviespoint.store,  SDmoviespoint.in, Sdmoviespoint.org,  Sdmoviespoint.io, Sdmoviespoint. desi and many more. You might observe the domain name and server name changed from time to time as this website encourages piracy and was taken down or banned multiple times by the government.

Sd movies point for web series

Not only limited to movies, but this website called Sd movies point is also providing pirated and copied web series to download. You can find many latest released Web series on the platform which you can download in Standard and High Definition quality. 

Sd movies point for Bollywood Movies

This popular movie piracy and download website has plenty of the latest released Hindi and Bollywood movies available on its platform. You can download these movies in Good quality and that’s too for free.

Sd Movies point for other domain movies

This website also provides Hollywood, Punjabi, and Pakistani movies along with Bollywood movies to download for free. In the user interface of this website, you can find options such as Bollywood, Hollywood, Punjabi, Pakistani, Latest Movies, and others. You can directly click on those options and migrate to the movies of your choice, that you wish to download.

The interface is so hassle-free and convenient to use that you can find various types of movies without any problem. If you want to search for any movie or web series by its release year, season, or genre, then you can also visit the website and there you will easily find those options to filter the movies. You can opt for the option of your choice and download the movie. 

How to download movies from the SD Movie Point website?

To download any movie from the SD movie point website, you need to follow some easy steps. The procedure is given below:

  • First enter the SD movie point on your browser. You may find different domain names and servers associated with the same as the original one is banned by the government.
  • Visit the website and you can see various options such as Home, Bollywood, Hollywood, Punjabi, Pakistani, and many more. You can navigate to the option of your choice and visit the movie you want to download on your device. 
  • Click on the download option given below every movie and the movie or the web series will get downloaded on your device.

Advantages of this SD Movies Point

The first advantage associated with this website is it allows you to download the latest released Bollywood, Hollywood, Punjabi, and Pakistani movies for free. This website also doesn’t compromise the quality of the downloaded content. It is one of the best piracy websites available among its competitors. You can simply type Sd movies point in the website and you might not find the original domain name for this website as it was taken down but you will find several other domain names for this website that you can use to download pirated movies and web series. 

Disadvantages of this website

As this website supports piracy, there are numerous disadvantages associated with this website. Many creators and producers face loss by these types of websites as they copy their work and make it available for free and illegally for users to download. In many countries, piracy is a serious crime and a punishable act. So this website becomes illegal in such areas and it shouldn’t be used.

It violates the copyrights of the content and the creators. It is harmful to use such websites multiple times, these websites contain phishing attacks and malware. There are numerous times when this website has been banned by the government to promote illegal activities and there are various extensions and domain names available by the SD movies website. 


Piracy and copyright infringement is a punishable offense and we do not support any such kind of activities. We do not recommend you to use any such website and you should watch the movies from their sources. 

Is it safe to use SD Movies Point?

Firstly, it is a punishable crime to download and support piracy and copyright infringement and it might cost u punishments. It is not safe to download movies or web series from such sources. Secondly, if you use such websites or if you are particularly using this website, it might get a virus installed on your device due to the number of ads present on the website. So, according to us, it is very unsafe to use such kinds of websites for downloading movies. 

Is SD Movies Point’s original domain banned?

Yes, the original domain and server for this website have been banned by the government due to the punishable crimes it is supporting. There are various other domain names associated with SD Movies Point available on the browser, that are currently working. 


SD movies point is a popular Movie piracy website, that is working with several other domain names in different countries. The original domain name and server have been banned by the government multiple times. We do not support any such website as it supports piracy. We hope that you like this article. Feel free to ask any questions.

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