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Modern Stool Designs to Enhance The Functionality And Appearance Of The House

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The times have changed when the word ‘stool’ in furniture was only meant to keep things or use to climb somewhere. In today’s time, with the advancement in interior designs, whether you want to enhance the appeal of your space, or give the room a piece of practical furniture to use as a footrest, a seating chair, or use it as a center or side table, you have a stool for every need. Since stools are a terrific way to up your interior designing game, thus, here are some of the modern stool designs that will not just increase the appearance of your home, it will enhance the functionality too. 

Wooden Foot Stool for Living Room:

What could be better than adorable, one of the unique living room furniture to add comfort to your living? Indeed, a wooden stool with an upholstery top with its wooden four-legged item is a perfect addition to your living room. Whether you want to use it as a seating stool, display some prized possessions, or relax your foot while you have some leisure time, it fits everyone’s needs. 

Stool with upholstery and storage:

A stool with colorful or printed upholstery with smart storage is adorable and deserves all your attention. Due to its plush fabric, it looks opulent and the metal or wooden legs add to its beauty and strength. Thus, if your living room is compact and you need storage in everything you buy, this kind of stool is an ideal pick.  

Ottomans-covered wooden stool:

Ottomans are not just beautiful to the eyes, they are a versatile round stool that makes it ideal for different spaces of the house- living room, balcony, garden, or in the corner of the bedroom. They are durable as it’s made of wood covered with textured upholstery. Utilize them as extra seating when guests arrive, use them as a center table to enjoy your favorite cup of tea, relax while you rest your foot on it, or simply keep it in the corner of the living space and admire how its gorgeous appearance enhances the whole space. 

Attractive Egg Shape Living Room stool: 

When decorated right, the small living room can appear warm, cozy, and luxurious. You don’t always need a large table as the centerpiece of the space. You can simply use a steel table with two egg-shaped stools around as an ideal decorative element yet inventive furniture to use in your compact living space. The classic drama is added by these metallic, glass-topped stools in egg shape. 

Stools to glam the bar:

You must have always praised the elegant bar stools and seats in restaurants. Why not add this beauty to your home décor? Use it in the bar area if you have one, keep it across a kitchen to enjoy your breakfast, keep it in the corner to display some beautiful showpiece, as a side table to keep some nitty-gritty, or decorate it with your favorite plant. In every way, they look fantastic in a minimalistic way.  

Rustic wooden stool:

If you want a multi-purpose stool that is durable and doesn’t need any maintenance, opt for a basic wooden stool that you can use as a side table to decorate a showpiece or use as a center table when needed. This hardwood bench gives a more natural flare to the interior. Use it to increase its functionality and elegance in your living room, bedroom, house passage, or balcony.

Your home needs an artistic piece that serves as utilitarian furniture too. These stools will surely add that extra glam to your underrated décor. Just choose your pick and let it add a splash of color and style to your home. 

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