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Family Feud Guess To Win Promo: A Comprehensive Guide To Win Promo On GMA 

Family Feud Guess to Win Promo Today 2023: Here’s a Quick Overview! Eligibility is open to Filipinos aged at least eighteen residing in the Philippines. To participate, players need a valid government-issued ID, an active email, and a working phone number. Winning numbers will be promptly updated on this page once publicly released. For the latest on past and upcoming lotteries, this is your go-to source.

Family Feud Guess To Win Promo : An Overview

Family Feud Guess To Win Promo often pits two families or teams against one another in which the winner must accurately predict the most frequently asked survey questions! It’s a game that telecasts on TV where multiple families participate and they have to give correct answers that results in their win. When they give the correct answer there are opportunities to win huge cash prizes.

What Is The Process?

A team gets points for each response they correctly guess, which is determined by how many respondents to the survey provided that answer. Therefore, if your team correctly predicted “cat” and 36 people stated that cats were their favorite pets, you would receive 36 points. The winning squad is the first to 300 points! 

gma family feud guess to win promo

How To Sign Up For Family Feud Guess To Win Promo

Family Feud airs on GMA 7 from Monday through Friday at 5:40 PM. Constants are required to watch. Await the appearance of any one of the three questions on the screen. A poll with one hundred respondents served as the basis for the questions.

Constants must enter by visiting the promotional website at www.gmanetwork.com/FamilyFeudGuessToWin, where they must enter their full name, address, date of birth, email address, and mobile number.

Who May Join Family Feud Guess To Win 

If you are wondering about who can join this game then here we have mentioned about the eligible people who can join family feud guess to win:

  1. Citizens living within Philippine territory.
  2. People above the age of 18 years. 
  3. The participants must have one government issued ID, email address and a valid phone number.

Rules For Family Feud Guess To Win Promo Night

  • Assign each squad a Team Captain.
  • A buzzer and team captains move to the front of the room.
  • The game host read first question.
  • Team captains compete to respond to the question by pressing their buzzer first.
  • In five seconds, the Team Captain who buzzes first can give answers from the Family Feud sheet.
  • The other Team Captain has an opportunity to guess if the first Team Captain is unable to provide an accurate response.
  • In this round, the team whose captain gives the right answer goes first.
  • If the other team decides not to play, they can move on to the next round.
  • The team that plays round predicts remaining responses.
  • Members of the team alternately answer questions until they have all the answers or three wrong answers (strikes).
  • They get the total points if they fill in the board with accurate responses.
  • The other side gets one opportunity to take the points if they receive three strikes.
  • If the second team gives the right answer, the host awards extra points.

Note: The proper points for each answer are indicated in parentheses next to the answer.

How To See The 2023 Family Feud Guess To Win Promotion’s Current Results

Every Monday, the winners will be made public on the official social media platforms. We’ll announce the winners on this page as soon as they’re made public. You have two views of your results to review.

The Program participants can be opt to compensated with prizes. Everything is available on the official website. Viewers are only eligible for one victory every season. 

All the information you need to participate will soon be available, including the age restriction, qualifying standards, methods for collecting prize money, and a ton of other specifics. 

How To Claim The Cash Prize Of Family Feud Guess To Win Promo?

A GMA Official representative will contact the winners through their registered postal addresses, email address, and contact number.

  1. The winners must email to GMA Network at least one government generated ID to verify the identity.
  2. GMA Networks should receive an email from winners end consisting ot at least one government official i’d.
  3. GMA Network rep will initiate the cash prize through bank transder, G cash, or money transfer.
  4. Winners will also get an email of the winner’s email receipt as a proof of money transfer.

Different Type Of Prize Given By Family Feud Guess To Win Promo

Each program would have four P20000 winners and one P30000 winner, for a weekly total of 25 wins. All relevant taxes, including a 20% withholding tax on prizes over P10000, must be paid by the winner in addition to any other expenses associated with the prize. The GMA Network and the social media platforms YouLol will publicly reveal the winners every Monday.


You may get both classic TV pleasure and modern online interaction at gmanetwork. com/familyfeud/guesstowin. The benefits of the platform—user-generated material, social effect, and convenience—allow for improved audience participation that makes the show unique and captivating. This creative approach to broadcasting shows how digital technology may improve television’s interactive qualities, community focus, and viewer engagement. GMA family feud guess to win promo will surely enthrall viewers as it expands by giving them a purposeful and entertaining method to interact with this well-liked game program.

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